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this is the left half of a gay man because gays do not have rights

Actually, that’s his right side because he’s facing us. I guess that means Gay people are all-right :)



third from left is mine

dibs (dove)

dibs on all dove models

All these guys are like “WOULD TOTES GO FOR THE DOVE MODELZZZZ” but if they were at a bar theyd walk straight past them.

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i will have sex with the next person who messages me

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When my daughter first showed signs of hating herself, I got out photoshop. We went and found an image of her choosing, of a woman. I spent the next two hours showing her just how easy it was to alter this woman. I changed her hair, whitened her teeth, made her thinner. I erased her blemishes and even made her taller while my daughter sat there aghast. At the end of it she loudly said - ” THAT’S NOT FAIR!” 

I told her that damn near every image she saw of people in magazines, on television, etc, was altered like this, and that she should never compare herself to that, because even supermodels don’t look like supermodels. 

I wish I could do that for every child. I wish it was a mandatory class in school.

But then there is girls who look like the last frame without makeup or photoshop. So theres that.

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